Family Celebration Event 2023

Come Together! Celebrate God's gifts!

Saturday, July 22

Family Celebration Event Flyer July 2023

Though we may not be having a dance camp this year, we still have reason to dance again this summer!

Please join us for our first annual Family Celebration Event!


God has blessed us each with families to be enjoyed and experienced as a wonderful gift from him and for his glory. However, because of sin, that gift of family isn't always experienced and enjoyed as a wonderful gift from God that gives him glory.


In Jesus, our God offers hope!

Hope for a family's brokenness and hurt.

Hope for a family's peace and purpose.

Hope for a family's eternal well-being.


Families will find this hope in God's Word to ground and strengthen their faith... heal together as one family. grow together as one family. celebrate God's love as one family.

Because of God's love, families can Hope in Their Home!


Come join us for this Family Celebration Event to dance, have fun, and enjoy food!

Come join us for this family Celebration Event to come together, grow together, and hope together!